Time To Clean Your Place So Get It Done Fast

We Structure Our Visits According To Your Needs


Empty Garbage Bins

Vacuum & Mop All floors

Dust All Surfaces

Dust Furniture

Clean Light Switches & Doorknobs

Clean Mirrors

Wipe Skirting Boards/Baseboards & Corners

Wiping Exterior Of All Cupboards

Spot Clean Walls

Detail Doors & Door Frames

Dust & Wipe Blinds

Sweep Patio/Balcony


Wipe Fridge (Outside)

Clean Countertops

Wipe Appliances

Clean Sink

Clean Stovetop & Overhead

Wipe Over (Outside)

Inside Kitchen Cabinets

Inside Fridge

Inside Oven


Clean Countertops

Scrub Toilets

Wipe Bathroom Cabinets (Outside)

Clean Sinks

Clean Bath Tubs

Clean Showers

Clean Mirrors & Fixtures

Scrub Silicon Joints of Shower, Sink & Bath

Clean In-Between Shower Tiles

Inside Bathroom Cabinets


Quick Floor De-Cutter

Wipe Dresser Tops

Make Beds

Inside Bedroom Cabinets


Clean Inside Fridge

Clean Interior Windows

Clean Inside Bathroom Cabinets

Clean Balcony or Patio

Clean Inside Stove

Clean Inside Kitchen Cabinets